The Tale of Pancit Maciang and PancitLove

Back in 2008, I wrote about this very unusual pancit on my other blog. This pancit dish is nearest to my heart because the peculiar way it is prepared compelled me to pursue my passion of pancit. So, for my first featured noodle dish on my new, and hopefully improved, pancit blog I present to you the much talked about San Pedro, Laguna icon, Pancit Maciang

I've been thinking about featuring it on this blog but I want to taste it again before writing about it. Buti na lang, I was scheduled for a client meeting yesterday. Since nasa lugar na ako, I decided to drop by Maciang's Pansitan to get me another plate of their pancit.

Aling Maciang's pansit has two main ingredients that makes it unique: over-easy fried egg (yeah, sure it's unique) and banana ketchup (yes, you read it right, banana ketchup). Without the egg and banana ketchup, it's just an ordinary-looking bihon-canton guisado, it has all ingredients one would expect from a pancit bihon guisado. The egg and the banana ketchup gives a unique eating experience. It's sweet and savory. It taste like spaketchup and fortunately, a whole lot more. You can add 'proben' or chicken proventriculus for added texture.  

photo taken from this site

So if you are in the vicinity of San Pedro, Laguna, don't forget to drop by Aling Maciang's Pancitan. They open at around 11am, I think.

Since I left my phone at the office, I ordered another plate to go and took it home. Sarap eh! And for pichu-pichur purposes.

Pansit Maciang
@ Maciang's Pancitan
San Pedro, Laguna

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  1. Yes Naman sarap Ng pansit nya perfect fair nya ung mamon Ng universal


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